Marie Bouvero
Creative director
Marie Bouvero lived in Milan Italy, from the age of 4 until she was 21. After graduating in graphic arts she returned to France and in 1995, in the 2nd part of her professional life, created the company FIRMA Diffusion with the aim of developing and producing accessory collections for women, mainly handbags. Alongside this venture, in 1997 she signed a contract with a Japanese group to launch the brand Mimi Pinson, which is produced and distributed throughout Asia. Since 2007 Marie has decided to add to her activities a passion dear to her heart since childhood « Chocolate », by creating the brand Marie BOUVERO « L’Amour du Chocolat » for which she seeks out the most subtle of all the Great Cocoa flavours. She decorates her blocks of chocolate like postcards for gourmets, a delight to the eyes and the taste buds. None of her creations would have existed without her former professional career. After graduating she was Senior Artistic Director for 10 years for agencies specialising in special packaging for cosmetics and luxury products. This experience has enabled her to make her mark with her brand of women’s accessories and to acquire a worldwide reputation with distribution through the most prestigious stores in New York, London, Tokyo, Milan and Paris.